Broken Bones, Broken Spirits and a New Day


Greetings from Atlanta,

It has been a very quiet time of posts over the past few weeks. I have made great improvement on many fronts since my post – When the Train Derails, How do I get it back on Track  .

In February I spent time with family in California, but more importantly over the past 3 weeks I have made progress on my ability to return to my active lifestyle. I am now enjoying a calf length boot for my left foot that experienced a fractured knuckle on my big toe. The six weeks will pass quickly.

My first physical therapy on Monday gave me some peace of mind of the diagnosis of my right ankle. The range is very limited, the calf muscles are over compensating for the ankle lacking stability. For those that have hiked with me, you may chuckle to think of me hitting a tree root just right and falling over. The PT is an Emory student that unfortunately has her last day this Friday. I was relieved to learn some means to help reduce the dependency on the muscles and rebuild the strength of my ankle. I will continue PT 2x per week for the next six weeks.

Broken toe...
Broken toe…

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  • Good to hear you’re making progress! I had PT a 1 1/2 ago so I sympathize with you. Wishing you a productive and smooth recovery!

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